Frozen & Cold Items

Written by James Farmer

Last published at: September 14th, 2022

Frozen & Cold Items

Can I order frozen foods and other foods that need to be kept warm or cold?

Yes! We will shop for and deliver your groceries with the same care that you would.

All cold and frozen items enter temperature controlled atmosphere from the product pick all the way to your front door. We use cold storage in our mini-fulfillment centers and temperature controlled food safe bins for delivery.

We engineer and expect your products to maintain their cold temperature at your doorstep until 10am.

Food safety and quality is a top priority at EasyBins. We make sure that all shoppers are well-equipped with knowledge to make sure your food is properly picked and maintained at all stages of the shopping process.

Educating shoppers on food safety

We help prepare shoppers to safely handle and transport food with an interactive Food Safety Walk through and a Shopper Food Safety Requirements and Best Practices guide. Shoppers learn to look for the freshest possible items and pay special attention to expiration dates, broken seals, and the quality of fresh produce.

Transporting food so it maintains required temperature

Bins we deliver your order in are food safe temperature controlled bins that are labeled frozen, cold and room temperature. These bins are specially designed environments to maintain appropriate atmospheres for the products in the bin. This ensures that cold and frozen product does not cross-contaminate

Storing food properly

Orders that are placed for a later delivery may get shopped in advance and delivered by another shopper. We make sure that all items are maintained in temperature-controlled fridges and freezers at the store until the driver arrives.

We’ve also implemented the use of insulated bags and coolers to make sure your items stay at the correct temperature while in transit from the store to you.