Add Specific Instructions
By adding instructions for how you’d like your order shopped or delivered, you can give us specific or special instructions. For example, "please deliver our bin to the side entry garage."

Replacement instructions

Sometimes the item you want might be out of stock. When this happens, we will
  • Replace with best match: More of the exact same item at no additional cost to you.
  • Choose replacement: The exact same item from a like or more expensive brand.
  • Choose replacement: An item that matches your item from the same brand
In the event that the replacement is more expensive we do not charge you extra for the more expensive substitute. Any substitution is always 100% refundable if it does not meet your approval standards.
Delivery instructions
Adding delivery instructions can help us correctly deliver your order. Our delivery drivers will see these instructions in their mobile delivery application.
Useful info to include—
  • Parking locations
  • Building security or gate information
  • Specific directions for hard-to-locate front doors
  • Any markers on your home that might help the shopper find the best entrance
You can add delivery instructions while placing the order, after placing the order (but before your order is shopped), or when adding an address to your account.
You can always contact us at [email protected] or 479-888-8344.
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